mobileGov World Summit 2017



mobileGov World Summit and
Global mobileGov Awards, 2017

7 May 2017

   14:00 Registration Opens
   17:00 Exhibitions Set Up
 19:00- 20:30 Conference Reception at the Venue Hotel


8 May 2017

08:30 Registrations
09:00 Opening Talks

Gonca telli Yamamoto, Tamara Hoegler, Ibrahim Kushchu

09:30 Plenary Core Panel: Lessons learned in implementation of mobile technologies in Government

eGov / mGov Leaders of Various Governments Share Experiences of Using Mobile Technologies: Korea, Estonia, India, Singapore, UK, Afghanistan, UAE, Malta, Japan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Colombia

 Janek Rozov, Head of The Department of Information Society Services Development, Estonia

Roman Vrba, Director of the eGovernment Department at the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic

Kapil Kant Kamal, Principal Technical Officer, C-DAC (Govt of India)

Toshio Obi, President, Apec E-Government Research Center and Chair, National E-Government Promotion Council of MIC, Japan

Juan Carlos Álvarez, Strategy Coordinator of Digital Government, Colombia

Kyoung Jun Lee, Prof. at Department of Management Information Systems, Kyung Hee Univ. & CEO of Benple, Korea

Ibrahim Kushchu, mobileGov, The UAE, Afghanistan, Malta, Turkey

11:00 Networking Break
11:30 Plenary Core Panel: Lessons learned in implementation of mobileGovernment (Continued)
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Plenary Talk : Prof. ROBERT S.H. ISTEPANIAN, Bsc., MSc., PhD., CEng., FIET, SMIEEE, CEO and FOUNDER, iKhare Limited (UK), ‘on mobile Health’
14:30 Session:  Central Government Implementations

Future Trends and Strategies to Implement Successful mHealth Projects
Cenk Tezcan

Azerbaijan Mobile ID – Your Mobile PASSPORT in the New Generation mGovernment
Jana Krimpe

The Mobile Applications Fighting the Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion
Tomáš Rovňák

15:30 Networking Break
16:00 Session: Mobile Learning & Mobile Education

Evaluation of Security Forces Applications in the Context of Virtual Reality and Mobile Learning
Gonca Telli Yamamoto

Mobile Augmented Reality and Language
Tuba Aydinoglu

 16:40 Special Session: Cyber Security & Privacy in Mobile Wireless Environments
Levent Ertaul
18:00 1st Day Closes
 19:30  Summit Dinner at the Venue Hotel


9 May 2017

08:30 Opening and Registrations
09:00 Hackers, Fixers and Lone Rangers: The Future of International Development?
Ken Banks

How can Quadruple Helix Clusters Support the Evolvement of Smart Cities?
Tamara Högler

10:00 Panel: Limits of IoT Intelligence

The panel explores the relationship between IoT and Artificial Intelligence and how intelligent could the IoT systems be. Basic questions it raises are on the limits of current learning mechanisms in AI that could help making sense of collected large amounts of data through sensors and converting that ‘sense’ into intelligent actions. Some of the topics to discuss include deep learning and resulting performance in IoT systems.

Panelists, starting with sensors’ mechanics in IoT, will be opening discussions on Cognitive machines, Evolutionary AI and generalisation of learned behaviours as they are relevant to advances mobile technologies, and will present a critical evaluation of the expected performance from intelligence of IoT.

Ibrahim Kushchu, Director, mobileGov UK
Evolutionary AI and Generalised Machine Learning

Jon Shamah, Chair of EEMA, United Kingdom
Cognitive Machines – A Standpoint

Filippo Ferrais, Co-Founder Of Enerbrain, Italy
Smart buildings and cities of tomorrow: save energy, improve comfort and reduce pollution thanks IoT technologies

11:00 Networking Break
11:30 Panel: Inclusive m-Government: Defining the Vision, Exploring the New Opportunities

Due to specific features of mobile technology allowing better reach, accessibility, precision and personalization, m-Government is considered to be potentially more user-centric and  inclusive in providing services to its public, than other digital government initiatives. Accessibly issues, however, are complex and go beyond a simple availability of technology and services. Complexity of accessibility issues along with fast changing technological and mobile market landscapes bring new opportunities as well as pose constraints for building inclusive m-Government. Our panel brings together researchers and practitioners from varied backgrounds to define the vision of inclusive m-Government, discuss the challenges of achieving it, and
work together on finding potential solutions for addressing them.

The panel will discuss what inclusiveness means and how it is applied to m-Government: what are the inclusive m-Government services? Can current m-Government services and services tailored to specific inclusion group (based on age, health, literacy, gender etc.) be considered inclusive?

What will help to achieve inclusiveness in the near future – in terms of our actions, legislation, technology; and what potentially can inhibit those trends?

Dr. Diana Ishmatova, Moderator, APEC e-Government Research Center, Japan

Prof Naoko Iwasaki, Waseda University, Japan
Prof Luca Buccoliero, Citizens Lab CERMES, Bocconi University, Italy
Dr. Elena Bellio, Citizens Lab CERMES, Bocconi University, Italy
Dr. Kutoma Wakunuma, Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at De Montfort University, UK

13:00  LUNCH
14:00  Global mobileGov Awards Ceremony and Presentations of mobileGov Awards
Presentations of Three Winning Global mobileGov Awards
Closing the Summit and Global Awards 2017

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