mobileGov World Summit 2017

Speakers & Presentations

Kyoung Jun Lee

SmartConnected Mobile Government: Cases & Prospect of Korea

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Talk Summary:
Mobile government is now being evolved to “Smart and Connected” with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Open technologies. This talk briefs on-going development of SmartConnected Mobile Government in Korea. Some successful cases based on Big Data-based policy making and public administration paradigm in central and local government and a mobile citizen participation service cases will be introduced. In addition, this talk deal with the issues and progresses on the some IoT-based mobile government services like street parking, waste/facility management, and transportation/tourism support and the recent AI-applied mobile government services such as chatbot-based passport issuance services.


Short Bio:
Kyoung Jun Lee is tenured professor of Information Systems at Business School, Kyung Hee University , Seoul, Korea. He is a member of Government 3.0 Committee (vice-minister level) and plays a role of Information Sharing and Collaboration Committee Chair . He has been also working as a head of IoT/IoE Division of the public-private partnership for e-Government. He is currently the president of Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society (Year 2017) and the director of International Center for Electronic Commerce ( and Humanitas Big Data Research Center. He founded Benple Inc., the Button Internet company, and Allwinware Inc., a patented group auction company, and serve as the CEO of Benple and an executive officer of Allwinware.


He received B.S.(1990), M.S.(1992), and Ph.D.(1995) in Management Science from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). He also finished M.S. and Ph.D. course (2003) in Public Administration in Seoul National University. He won the IAAI (Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence) Awards from AAAI (Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) in 1995 and 1997. He was visiting scientist and professor at Carnegie Mellon Univ.(1995-1996), Massachusetts Institute of Technology(2009), and Univ. of California at Berkeley(2010) in USA.