13 June 2018

Tutorials and Trainings on:

  • eGovernment challenges
  • mobileGovernment Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning

Exhibition Set Up:

  • set up between 5pm - 12 midnight
  • one table and two chairs provided
  • Free wi-fi and electric supply

Welcome Cocktail

  • Pre conference welcome cocktail at the Conference Venue
  • from 6pm to 9pm
  • Networking opportunities

14 June 2018

Parallel Session I

  • Good Old Fashioned eGovernment
  • eGovernment Successes and Failures and Future Trends
  • eGovernment vs Digital Government vs Smart Government
  • eDemocracy, and eParticipation 
  • Privacy and Security

Main Hall: Mindful Government

  • Trends for 'Mindful Government' Applications
  • Failures of Top Down IT Modelling
  • Organisational Impacts of Artificial Intelligence
  • Developing Intelligent Mobile Apps
  • Taking Care of Citizens Intelligently  

Announcement of Global mobileGov Awards

Parallel Session II

  • Internet of Things for the Public Sector
  • Evolution of Devices and Applications
  • Open Government
  • Public and Private Partnership

15 June 2018

Parallel Session

  • Service Delivery and User Adoption
  • Community Informatics and Development
  • Social Media and Community Building
  • Flexible and Remote Working
  • Public Sector Modernisation and Policy Making

Main Hall

  • Evolution of Interactivity, Mobility and Intelligence
  • Legal And Ethical Issues of mobile IT

Closing Session

  • Summary of the Emerging Issues
  • Planning for the Future ...

Prallel Session II

  • Bottom Up IT Solution Development for Governments
  • Intelligent Applications in Cities and Regions
  • Big Data, Data Mining and Intelligence
  • Data and Service Integrations