1. What is Global mobileGov Awards?

Global mobileGov Awards is a worldwide contest aiming to promote advances in the field, and share knowledge on recent developments. Innovative best practices in mobile public service implementation are invited to participate:

  • Mobile service implementations or apps aimed at offering government services directly to citizens
  • Mobile services or implementations aimed at strengthening the work of government entities and/or employees and so, transforming internal operations of central and local government institutions
  • Mobile services or implementations aimed at strengthening private and public partnerships.
  • Mobile services or implementations taking place to enhence enabling environments such as (big/open) data management; mobileID, mobilePayment, Government Apps Store, IoT and Security implementations, etc.

The call is open for all sectors and organisations in the ecosystem of mobile public services and applications.

2. Purpose of  Global mobileGov Awards

The primary aim of Global mobileGov Awards is to celebrate the valuable contributions of leading implementations to the knowledge experience of the field and professionals.   Its aims also include but not limited to:

  • Showcasing cutting edge developments in mobile public services
  • Raising awareness about the benefits of mobile technologies in public sector
  • Inspiring governments, businesses and citizens around the world to embrace mobile service implementations
  • Increasing constructive competition, alliences and collaboration between key stakeholders in the mobile service ecosystem
  • Disseminating and sharing the lessons learned in successful mobile public services and implementations
  • Investigating new development areas and tracking new trends of mobile technologies in public sector

3. Categories

There are three categories this year: applications or implementations regarding

  1.  modernisation of public sector organisations,
  2.  services for citizens, and
  3. research and academic achievements.

4. The Prize Pack for Global mobileGov Awards Winners

This is a valuable opportunity for a global recognition primarily within the mobile ecosystem. The global recognition will be enhanced by the means the Summit offers, the promotions, and the influential network distributed all around the world.

Top three participants will be awarded :

  • A recognition plaque during the conference
  • Prime presentation opportunity for the project to the participants at the mobileGov World
  • Free Registration to the conference for two people including accommodation

The committee may also grant some special awards, such as mentions, for applicant which may require special recognition.

4. Application Process

4.1. Who Can Apply?

Global mobileGov Awards is intended for relatively novel and innovative mobile service implementations or solutions. Natural persons and legal entities public or private are all welcome. For example, local or central government organizations, telco’s, service providers, application and software developers and device manufacturers are eligible to participate.

4.2. Project Eligibility

Global mobileGov Awards committee will employ the following eligibility criteria:

  • Eligible projects must utilize mobile technology in the form of either a mobile application or a service implementation
  • Projects must have a direct or an indirect effect on public services i.e. innovative citizen services, public sector transforming mobile implementations, integrated services involving public-private partnerships etc.
  • Projects must be in practical phase either fully implemented or significantly progresses towards full scale implementation. Projects that are in planning phases will not be evaluated.
  • To be eligible, project descriptions must be written in English and project descriptions must cover, though in progress, the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of the implementation.

4.3. Evaluation of Applications

Global mobileGov Awards committee will evaluate contesting projects with regards to their innovativeness and transferability / sustainability; efficiency and added-value of the implementations; social and environmental benefits. The evaluation form is availiabe upon request.

4.4. Application and Deadlines

Applications will be in two stages - all applicants must first submit a short description of their projects as preliminary proposal. Only, selected projects will be invited to submit full proposals.

           Preliminary Proposal: Open and ongoing until the full proposal deadline.

           Full Proposal: No later than 1st of April 2018