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Be part of  the dynamics of the interactions between solution providers and the leaders of the public sector organisations to witness converging implementations

Mindful Government

The main theme of this year’s mGovWS: How artificial intelligence and machine learning may help to create mindful service delivery to citizens?  Find out more and learn about new approaches to intelligence in the public sector domain.

Global Coverage

mobileGov, as a leading organisation,  opens up last decade’s accumulated knowledge from completed projects, and the success stories on mGovernment to set future directions for eGovernment

How to Get Actively Involved?


Expert in mobile technologies, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, mobileGovernment, eGovernment and Public Sector Organisations’ use of technology. Send in a max 2 pages of ‘proposal to speak’ and short resume to the organising committee for evaluation.


An essential part of the mobileGov World Summit happens via networking and interactions around the demos and exhibitions of mobile and intelligent solutions at the exhibition hall. Exhibit your solutions and devices, monitor competition and the needs in the Public Sector.


Active sponsors receive better opportunities in serving their business goals. Partner with us to enhance your presence in the Public Sector. Request the sponsorship packages for mGovWS 2018

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What do they say about mobileGov Conferences?

mobileGovWS is an exciting event that brings together ICT professionals from business sector, government, academia, NGOs, and more importantly allows a successful exchange of perspectives – something not every conference succeeds in. I also value the event for its high quality debates that are able to look beyond “the current” in mGov development and position technological developments and digital initiatives in the context of broader objectives we, as professionals in this community, are trying to achieve.

Diana Ishmatova Research Associate Centre of Public Management and Governance, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I have attended mobileGov in 2017, and I’ve been really hit by the quality of the attendees and debates during the whole event. It was an unique chance to not only discover very different views from a large variety of researcher, professors and experts from all over the world, but most importantly to have a chance to connect with them directly in a very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!”.

Filippo Ferraris co-founder of Enerbrain

“I attended my first mobileGov in 2008 and it was one of the conferences with the most sustainable contacts – colleagues became friends! Personally speaking, I prefer high quality, “long-term” contacts with people who are committed and interested in fruitful cooperation instead of huge conferences with hundreds to thousands of participants where time is too short for intense discussions – a benefit that only smaller conferences can offer and that even in a very familiar atmosphere. That´s the reason why I will always support this conference and try to make it possible for myself to join and contribute to its success! So if you want to get a really quality insight into current topics of mobileGov – then don´t miss the next mobileGov World Summit!”

Tamara Högler Head of Innovations & International Affairs, CyberForum e.V.

“I have attended a number of mobileGov events over the years and, although they’re not the largest of conferences, I have experienced some of the most interesting and engaging discussions there of any event I’ve been to. If you want meaningful debate, with great speakers all in a vibrant and friendly environment, and a fully engaged audience, then MobileGov is definitely for you. Attendance is highly recommended”

Ken Banks Founder of kiwanja.net


Leading the Sector in mobileGovernment Consultancy and Training

Since its formation mobileGovernment Consortium International (mGCI) has been working with various internationally recognised experts in developing strategies, road maps, policies and other advisory services to governments. Projects completed include the mobile Government strategy of the Afghanistan and the road Map for the United Arab emirates.

  • Proven development methods for mobileGovernment strategy and road map building
  • Organisational guidelines and public sector policy for adoption of mobile technolgies
  • Technological mobile IT trainings for government employee at different levels
  • Non-Technological training for public sector transformations

Core Competences

Strategy and Road Map Design
Training: Technical and Non-Technical
Community Building

Some Measures of Success

International Conferences, Since
Total Participation, Over
Consultancy Projects Completed
Training Given